Easy Healthy Eating

There can be a lot of misconceptions about making a lifestyle change! People often feel like it is going to require a load of time, effort, money and taste like soil! Thinking that you have to cook everything from scratch, or buying those expensive superfoods can actually be HINDERING your progress! Let me show you how to do easy healthy eating!

Where to Start with Easy Healthy Eating

 When staring off with a new lifestyle, it is so easy to get caught up in a sea of overwhelm. Often we feel like we have to change everything and anything about our lifestyle. Also, we believe that we will never be able to eat any of our favourite foods! It also feels like it will be a huge effort and that it will take up loads of extra time. Here are my favourite tips on easy healthy eating!

Meals Simplified!

When it comes to easy healthy eating, it’s all about finding ways to help keep your meal simple and sustainable. Some questions I like to ask is: how can I add more veggies to my meal? Does this meal look satisfying? Does the meal actually have foods that I enjoy? Will I feel satisfied after I eat it?

I like to follow a simple formula when constructing my meals. This is that I fill at least half my plates with veggies, include a fist size full of protein, and make sure I have a healthy fat source as well! On days when I feel like it, I will include a grain source.

Easy healthy eating: chickpeas, carrots, corn, rice and spinach

Keeping It Simple

Just scrolling through Instagram, my feed is often flooded with loads of beautiful blue smoothie bowls. I also see loads of oatmeal bowls that take hours to prepare and decorate made with ingredients you cannot even pronounce. While these foods are beautiful and of course can fit into your diet, YOU DON’T GET EXTRA CREDIT by making them.

If you enjoy it or have the time then of corse-go for it! But if you’re just looking to spend around 10-15 minutes preparing a meal ( at most) then keep reading!

Here are some amazing hacks that have been life changing for me when it comes to throwing together a healthy and simple meal!

Easy healthy eating

Make Small Changes

I have a whole blog post all about this here. But every small change you make is worth it! Try adding a little more veggies to your plate, or swapping out your thick based pizza for a thin one. It will make the world of a difference!

  • Buy some pre-cooked protein and keep it in the fridge for when you need to make a meal. I love getting rotisserie chickens, pre-cooked beef strips, canned tune, & boiled eggs.
  • Eat veggies the way you like it! Make a list of your favourite vegetables and include them in your meal! I like to have raw veggies such as lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers and carrots pre chopped so I can snack on them or throw them with a quick meal. I also love to steam or bake a big batch of veggies so I have it read prepared for when i’m looking to construct my meal!
  • Plan your meals before shopping. Going to the shops with a game plan can save you SO much time and effort! This way you can buy only what you need and plan to eat, as opposed to making impulsive decisions in the moment. Grocery stores are designed to manipulate our psychology, it is often structured in a way that hits on our impulsive buying patterns. The fruit & vegetables are usually at the front of the store, and then treats and small snacks are cleverly placed at checkout so that you can feel justified for your purchase!
  • Buy pre-cut veggies: Yes, I know buying them pre cut can sometimes be more expensive! However, if it makes your life easier and more likely that you will eat it- then I highly recommend! I often buy pre-spiralled zucchini because although I can do it myself, the time and effort that I need to put into it just is not worth it to me.

The smallest changes makes the biggest difference, pasta eating hack

Eat Only Foods You Enjoy

Easy healthy eating is all about making foods simple and do-able for you! People often feel like healthy eating doesn’t taste as good. Or that they have to start eating a bunch of food that they don’t like the taste of because of ‘superior health benefits’. For example, thinking you can only eat apples and not pineapple because you read somewhere that apples are good for weight loss. Or eating cauliflower because you saw some blogger posting it, when you actually hate it!

EAT FOODS THAT YOU FIND TASTY! Make a list of your favourite proteins, fruit, veg, fat source, and carbohydrates. Stick to these foods because it is what you will be able to sustain long term because YOU ACTUALLY ENJOY IT!

Easy healthy meals; removing all or nothing

How Often is Too Much?

Arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to weight loss & dessert. I have a whole worksheet on how to TASTE your dessert and appreciate it in my You Can Beat Your Cravings Guide. 

It’s all about savouring your dessert. Learning to appreciate it instead of mindlessly snacking or eating it for the sake of it! Give yourself permission to stop eating when you are full, and be a food snob! DO NOT continue eating even if it tastes ‘mediocre’ just for the sake of it. Bring your attention to your meal and savour every mouthful.


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