Imagine having the dream body you always wanted…

Let me show you how.

No more restricting food, only to overeat junk later

Enjoy that frikking cookie and build
A lean body for life.

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I have been there. Eating bland foods promising myself that this time it will work
(Newsflash: it never did)

You know when you have eaten so well the entire day, only to come home and dive into your favourite chocolate slab? Yeah, that was me.

I remember I would come home and binge on all my favourite foods, only to feel guilty and restrict again the next day. This would be a vicious cycle, and I remember always thinking that there was something wrong with ME.

I tried ever diet, every miracle supplement, and it just felt like nothing worked. My biggest struggle was to remove restriction & achieve balance while still reaching my goals.

I would start off strong, and give up because I always thought that I loved food too much. I craved flavourful foods, chocolate and could not take unsustainable restrictive diets anymore.

I thought that I could never achieve my dream body, because I wasn’t willing to give up my love for food. I also didn’t have time to spend hours meal prepping, or working out.

Until I found a clear cut strategy, that actually worked.

6 Years later here I am, with my dream body and eating all my favourite foods!

This was me

Tired & worn out, I needed a nap every single day.

This was me, first year in college, no time to prepare meals and would get drive through pizza on the daily. Fries, ice cream & cheesy burgers were my go-to’s on tough days.

I could barely make it up the college stairs, and felt like a middle aged women in my early 20’s.

I was a professional yo-yo dieter, vowing to cut all carbs out only to be back at square one a couple of weeks later.

The worst part was my relationship with food and my food guilt. I had terrible food cravings, and would feel so guilty every time after ‘breaking my diet’ and giving into them.

I knew something had to change, and wanted to take control of my life while achieving my goals and finding balance. Since then, I have successfully lost all the weight, had heaps of energy and helped thousands of women do the same!

I never believed in myself, but proved myself wrong

6 years later, and still going strong.

I am not extra special that I somehow have an incredibly fast metabolism, or that I can magically eat all my favourite foods and not gain weight.

I found a strategy that actually works. I’m here to clear up any confusion you may have, and give you an exact blueprint to develop habits for LIFE!

No food is off limits. Yeah you heard me. I’ll show you how to incorporate all your favourite foods.

Prove yourself wrong, show yourself that this time things will be different.

Let’s do this together, I am here with you every step of the way!

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Thousands of women achieving their goals 

Lee. You helped me stop over eating and understand the ROOT cause of my cravings. I can now happily enjoy one cookie and stop at one serving size without eating the whole bag!