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My Story

Every person deserves to feel confident and enjoy their favourite foods. I believe that all food groups should be included, and eating for weight loss should be fun and above all – tasty!

Here is how I achieved confidence & long term, sustainable weight loss.

Are you . . .

  • looking for new calorie-conscious recipes that that are flavourful?
  • tired of restriction and bland fad diets?
  • struggling to find balance through eating?
  • feeling guilty over eating certain foods?
  • struggling with yo-yo dieting?

A few years ago, that was me.

Now for my story . . .

During high school, I was always self-conscious, particularly regarding my stomach area. However, when I went to college, my entire appearance changed. I stayed on campus, and was fed a high-fat, high-carb diet with an extremely low nutritional profile. Eating like this made me feel exhausted, and I had extremely low self-esteem. I looked the heaviest I have ever been, and none of my pants or other clothes would fit. I went up 4 sizes, and realised I needed to make a change.

But where to start? It was so overwhelming! I knew nothing about nutrition, and jumped straight into every fad diet you could think of. Not only did they not work, but they were not sustainable and I found myself having huge cravings for foods and feeling extremely de-prived.

I went to a number of professionals to seek some advice, only to be given bland meals and a huge lists of foods that were prohibited, with a short list of foods that I could enjoy. This type of restrictive mindset only made me binge on the foods that were ‘off-limits’, and the guilt would be real. I found myself eating an extremely restrictive diet of chicken and broccoli, overtraining to the point of exhaustion, and then through my ‘cheat meal’ I would binge on half the pantry.

It was at this point that I thought to myself, surely it doesn’t have to be like this! Surely there has to be some middle ground – where you can lose weight eating flavourful foods, not cut out any food or food groups, and enjoy your favourite treats daily.

I started to dig a little deeper and do my own research into nutrition. By going through various journal articles and researching the fundamentals of nutrition, I was able to understand key concepts of nutrition and weight loss. I started creating flavourful recipes that I actually enjoyed eating! I also started to include some of my favourite foods daily, while re-introducing carbohydrates back into my diet. The result? I managed to lose excess fat, tone up, and above all felt confident and filled with energy! For the first time in my life I found something that I enjoyed, could maintain, and that helped me feel my best.

I documented my journey on Instagram and this was the start of the @wholesome_lee community. I wanted to further my knowledge and decided to change my career path. I did a course on becoming a nutritional advisor, but wanted to further my knowledge even more. I decided to go back to college and pursue a degree in nutritional sciences to become a registered dietician. I am still in the process of completing it, but it has been worth every step of the way.

I was able to find food freedom, enjoy my favourite foods daily, and focus not on just weight-loss, but rather building self love and confidence, too. I can’t wait to share all that I have learnt, as well as all my tasty and easy recipes!