Not only did Leanne help me
maintain my self worth through that
time, she helped me gain a mindset
that will equip me for any challenge
that life may bring.

– Anonymous

My relationship with food has
improved enormously, and through
that she even made me a better mom.
I will be thankful for that forever!

– Marlies

Pooja today has a much better handle
on knowing when she’s actually hungry
and knowing when she’s actually full.
Some thing I never thought I could
and always was so confused
when other people knew.

– Pooja

Lydia has dropped a dress size & feels
Today I put it on simply to
see my progress. Since I started this
journey I lost so much weight that I
am now thinking of making the dress
smaller because its just too big.

– Lydia

My goal with coaching was to lose
the weight I gained from what I
thought was either menopause or
stuffing up my metabolism. I learned
that my relationship with eating was
the problem, not the food
I was eating.

– Tracey

I’ve lost around 7.5kg so far. I learned
I wasn’t as set in my ways as I thought
I was and I have a capacity to change.
I’m more confident in myself and
more consistent in my daily life!

– Kara

Here is a picture of me in a dress that I had stopped being able to fit over my head and past my shoulders! Not only did I fit into it comfortably, I actually felt relaxed and confident in it, and it’s all thanks to our work together!!.

– Divya

This babe is a surgeon and has a busy schedule. She has gone down one size in scrubs and has lost 10lbs. She is learning to prioritise herself while changing her relationship with desserts and food

Remember how I struggled to get to 180lbs? I have been hovering just below and above 170!!!!! Even with all this traveling. I love it!!!

– Heather

11lbs difference. You have redefined what cravings mean to me. I used to just overeat on all the sweets and chocolates and would over-do it. I have never felt more in control.

– Anonymous




When I approached Lee about coaching with her, I had in mind maybe just learning some new healthy habits, getting rid of excess kilos, and honestly, expected that things would probably go as they always had for me with previous weight loss attempts. You know – the usual initial loss and euphoria, followed not too long afterwards by slipping back into old ways, and that was rooted in the fact that I had no confidence or trust in myself to maintain positive changes.

But WOW!!! Lee has gone beyond anything I could have expected in coaching she has instilled really practical, important, lasting new habits and practices which have improved my weight, health and overall approach to food in such positive ways.
She is so genuinely caring, encouraging and
The approaches and tools she teaches me make me feel entirely equipped for any challenge – whether that’s dealing with the regular cravings for cake or digging deeper and addressing long-standing difficulties in my personal life.

The weight loss has of course been great, and I
know will actually be kept off!!! But Lee’s coaching
is so enriching far beyond weight loss and addresses
mental strength in such a powerful way.

While I think about food totally differently now, I
have also unlearned those harmful, obsessive
approaches and mindsets that we’re regularly fed
on social media. Lee’s coaching targets those self-
destructive thoughts and habits, separating the
myths from the facts. I have some health challenges
and am also a really picky eater, but Lee’s approach
is truly wholesome and tailored for my rather
specific needs and wants (as well as my major sweet

tooth!) Best of all, it’s just so doable. I’m so grateful
to have connected with Lee. I know that the
changes I’m making are for life and am so excited
for what’s still to come!

– Caitlin