“Here is a picture of me in a dress that I had stopped being able to fit over my head and past my shoulders! Not only did I fit into it comfortably, I actually felt relaxed and confident in it, and it’s all thanks to our work together!!

– Divya

Since working with you, Leanne, I’ve grown tremendously empowered. You taught me to truly understand what ‘going at my own pace’ means, and I’ve gained so much more awareness and compassion for myself as a result. When we started our journey together I shared with you one of the main things I wanted out of weight loss coaching: improved self-confidence; honestly, I never thought that I would achieve that without hitting my weightloss goal first! You’ve taught me to fully examine my thoughts and misconceptions about my journey, and to coach MYSELF just when I’m about to give up – that is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. As I’ve shared before, I have been searching for something like your program since I was nine years old.

Meeting you and working with you has only further validated my own intuition – that on some level I have always known what will work for me, I just didn’t have the tools or guidance to implement it. And…having you coach me has been like returning home to myself. As someone who has always struggled with feeling ‘at home’ due to constantly moving as a kid, I cannot express in words how invaluable this gift you’ve given me truly is. Your program is like no other weight loss program – I can say this with certainty as I’ve tried pretty much all of them in over a decade! Needless to say, I am consistently losing the unwanted weight – but most importantly, I’m uncovering more of myself as I go through this process. You have changed my life for the better in countless ways, and I am so grateful for you!!!