How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight

Why I Have New Goals

In the past 2 years, I had 2 knee surgeries and spent most of this time recovering and giving myself the much needed rest. Before my surgery, I was feeling the strongest that I had ever been and was eating at my maintenance throughout.  Going through one surgery, let alone two has had a ton of limitations in itself. But all in all, I feel happy with my approach and now that I am feeling strong and ready, I have a bunch of new goals which made me revisit all the fundamentals of how to lose weight.

My New Goals

So lets cut the chase and get to it. What exactly are my new goals? Currently, my goals are to lean down a little, and get back into gaining my strength. To achieve this, I’m going to be going back to some old principles that I used at the start of my journey, and obviously tweak it to suit my goals for now!

Now you may be thinking that it’s going to involve some big drastic changes, having to work out for hours and hours daily, and eating nothing but salads and cucumbers. Most of the time we feel like we have to do something drastic. We feel like we have to make a big change to see results. We feel like if its not extreme, we wont see results. Well, i’ve seen it countless times with my clients and this type of thinking is the exact thing that trips people up and sends them on the inconsistent train of yo-yo dieting mayhem.

The Rush To Get There

I remember around 8 years ago when I decided that I had enough of living the unhealthy lifestyle that I was so deeply entrenched in. When I put on my jean pants, and they wouldn’t fit. I remember the urgency I felt. Sitting up one night prowling google with ‘fastest way to lose weight’ and ’15 minute workouts that will give you abs instantly’. Needless to say, all the dangerous juice fasts, bland diets, and all that unsustainable BS got me no where.

Now, if you’re in that space where you feel this huge rush, I get you. Often we feel like we have to lose the weight as fast as possible, no matter what. No matter how sustainable it is, or if you’ll gain it back a month later.

If you’re feeling this rush, I want you to remind yourself that fast results lead to short term benefit. Where the magic really happens is when you are able to commit in a sustainable way that will help you see results for life. This is why I have created my FREE 6 part video training, where it walks you through the basics of how to lose weight and get started. You can sign up for it here.

How I lost weight

Getting Started with Weight Loss

There is a lot out there. A lot of conflicting and confusing information online. Ones that will recommend you jump on some extreme, be it a juice cleanse or telling you you can only eat fruits for the rest of your life.

No one has time for that. I remember feeling the overwhelm, I was there.

Here are some tips to help you out when learning how to lose weight and getting started:

  • Make small do-able changes. These can be anything from swapping out your soda for sparkling water or even just
  • Learning to tune into your natural fullness and hunger cues. So many of us aren’t even in tune with our body, learning to be mindful is a subtle yet essential tool for learning how to lose weight.
  • Try get movement in, even if it is 5 minutes. Hate riding a bike? Don’t do it. Find a form of exercise you like and make it a priority! Even if it’s only 5 minutes a day.
  • Add veggies wherever you can. A simple but powerful tool. Try your best to add veggies to your plate! Find it boring? Find new and interesting ways to cook and prepare it. You could try my cauliflower pizzas, or bell pepper pizzas if you’re looking for inspiration.

This is of corse some basic implementable changes that you can do. But if you’re serious about your weight loss journey, and want more specific and actionable steps. I truly recommend that you check out my FREE training series. It will work you through exactly what you need to get started, and the steps you need to take

How to lose weight


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