Weight loss and Dessert

When deciding to make a lifestyle change, or setting a goal for yourself to lose some weight- it can be so tempting to take a dramatic approach and think that you have to change EVERYTHING and anything about your diet. Trust me, I have been yo yo dieter Jones for a large portion of my life. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and no longer fitting into my shorts. “ THIS IS DISGUSTING”, I told myself. “You are starting your diet on Monday, and all you’re eating is lean protein and salad leaves”. I was always in a rush. A rush to lose the weight and the quicker the better. This just lead me to a cycle of yo-yo dieting mayhem. Until I discovered the secret: Small changes help you see big results. This is the key to long term sustainable weight loss.

How to Eat Dessert and Lose Weight

 Here are my main principles on how you can have your cake and eat it too! Weight loss and dessert doesn’t need to be complicated. We often think that we have to stick to rigid meal plans or food rules that you’re lucky if you even get an ‘apple’ as dessert! It doesn’t have to be like that and let me show you how! 

Satisfaction Matters

Eating heaps of sugar free syrup and jelly only to STILL feel like that chocolate bar? Alternatively,  are you reaching for those nuts or veggies instead of the brownie you were thinking about, only to end up eating the brownie in the end along with everything else?

Let me tell you something! When it comes to weight loss and dessert: satisfaction matters. 

I would rather you eat the actual dessert that you wanted- and be able to stick to a portion size that satisfies you, rather than resisting your craving and it coming back stronger than ever. I like to make a list of my favourite satisfying desserts, and plan it into my week!

Weight Loss and Dessert: Finding Added Benefits!

 What is my page all about? Creating healthy alternatives that STILL taste good but have loads of other benefits. Now, if you’re someone who loves the real deal and doesn’t enjoy these alternatives- be my guest and enjoy your treats in moderation!

 However, if you’re like me and love to eat the real deal here and there but pick healthier alternatives most of the time with added benefits, then you should keep reading!

 I love to pick healthier sweet treats because they are often much lower in calories, higher in fiber, have wholegrain ingredients and have much less sugar than traditional varieties. This not only helps my body function at its peak, but also helps me FEEL my best without getting overly bloated or having that post snack sugar dip!

 This is exactly why I created my You Can Beat Your Cravings Guide! It has over 50 dessert recipes all for under 200 calories each, as well as a whole guide on how to become the master of your cravings!

 Some of my favourites in the guide are:

48 calorie twix donuts

75 calories chocolate cheesecake brownies

69 calorie crustless cheesecake

56 calorie chocolate mousse

 These all taste amazing, and are lower in calories so you can easily reach your weight loss goals AND eat your dessert!


Planning Dessert For Weight Loss

Planning is one of the most underrated things ever! I used to be so against planning, and felt like it takes away freedom and spontaneity. HOWEVER, what I actually realised over time is that planning GIVES YOU FREEDOM. Freedom to reach your goals AND still eat the treats that YOU find most worth your while!! I like to plan out my day of eating the night before, and if there is a particular dessert that I want- I write it in on my plan and stick to it. 

Remember: one or two snacks a day won’t make a huge impact as long as the rest of your meals are both filling and nutritious!

Weight loss and dessert: what to do when you're craving chocolate

How Often is Too Much?

Arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to weight loss & dessert. I have a whole worksheet on how to TASTE your dessert and appreciate it in my You Can Beat Your Cravings Guide. 

It’s all about savouring your dessert, and learning to appreciate it instead of mindlessly snacking or eating it for the sake of it! Give yourself permission to stop eating when you are full, and be a food snob! DO NOT continue eating even if it tastes ‘mediocre’ just for the sake of it. Bring your attention to your meal and savour every mouthful.

Weight loss dessert: Help I overate!

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    Thank you for your weight loss tips especially handling desserts. That always seems difficult to handle when trying to lose weight!


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